What we do

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Our Mission

The Philanthropy Connection’s mission is to inspire, teach, and enable women to engage in collective philanthropy, in order to provide grants to charitable organizations that improve the quality of life for low-resource individuals and families living in Massachusetts.


Why we do this

Women are unique philanthropists: they donate more, take a more active role in organizations’ operations, prefer different causes than men and want to witness the impact of their giving.  Men tend to give based on who is asking; women give based on who is receiving.  At The Philanthropy Connection, we instill in our members the confidence to know that every dollar of her membership donation will make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Many women we know are willing and able to give, but don’t, simply because they have not been asked, or because they don’t have enough information to be confident that their donation will be put to good use. Many women who do give would increase their giving if they knew more about local organizations that are doing work they are interested in funding.

At The Philanthropy Connection, we ask women to give, while instilling the confidence to know that every dollar of their membership contribution will be put to good use.


Our beliefs

We believe in the power of connections.

We believe that a diverse group of women, pooling their skills and dollars, can make a big difference in our community.

We believe that anyone can be a philanthropist .

We believe that relationships can be a source of support, encouragement, and new opportunities.

We believe in giving out loud, to inspire other women to give.

We believe in mentoring the next generation of women philanthropists.