How Give. Receive. Learn. Works


Membership is simple: If you are over 35 years old, $1,000 of your annual donation goes into our grants pool. For a woman 35 and younger, $500 is added to the pool. Any member who wants to be involved in the grants review process has the opportunity to do so through a Grants Review Committee. This committee is comprised of Teams of members who review grant proposals together. The culmination of their work is a slate of fully vetted Finalist organizations that are presented to TPC’s full membership for a vote: 1 woman, 1 vote. Finalists receiving the most votes by our members are awarded a grant. In this way, every member has a say in which organizations we fund—whether or not she has participated in the Grants Review Committee. The number of grantees in any given year depends entirely on the number of TPC members who contribute to our grants pool; the more members, the more money we have to give away.


At The Philanthropy Connection we believe that there is nothing more empowering than a group of like-minded women in the same room, who are saying, “The world needs repairing and we are here to do what we can to repair it.” In addition to facilitating connections between our like-minded member philanthropists, we also provide opportunities for our members to form connections with our Grantees. We do this through Engagement Programs, where we meet and learn more about our Grantees and the important work they do in our community.


Throughout the year, we provide our members multiple opportunities for learning, through hands-on experience evaluating grant proposals, as well as through training sessions (i.e., how to evaluate proposals, how to read and evaluate financial statements, etc.), and facilitated discussions. A member favorite is called The Philanthropy Dialogues, small-group discussions held in members’ homes with representatives from TPC’s current grantees, to delve into hot topics in philanthropy. Each member decides for herself how involved she’d like to be.